How often should an employer update their employee handbook?

The company handbook provides an important role in a business. An employee handbook provides a guide for office protocol and should be updated regularly. Operating without an updated employee handbook can leave a business vulnerable.

Because of the important information that a company’s handbook contains it is critical that they are reviewed and updated regularly. There are several reasons why updating a handbook is important.

  • Cultural changes. A handbook that was written years ago will most likely have a few questionable clauses along with an older dress code and non-discriminatory policies.
  • Tech changes. An employee handbook needs to have a technology policy and expectations. Things like a social media policy, wi-fi rules, etc. need to be addressed.
  • Law changes. An employee handbook quickly becomes out of date when federal and state employment laws are updated. Employers need to check for update in laws in regard to overtime, PTO, sick time, and drug policies.
  • If a company grows past a certain size their employee handbook may need to be updated with new legal and policy requirements.

A legal professional who is skilled in employment law can help their client draft and update their employee handbook. An attorney understands both state and federal laws regarding employment law. They will make sure their client is in compliance as to minimize risk, avoid litigation and avoid confusion on policies and expectations. A company should know how important it is to make sure their employee handbook is up-to-date and that their employees receive news of any updates that are made.

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